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Plans for 2010

My Plans:

1. Keep on breastfeeding

2. Cloth diaper all of the time. Except maybe at night. But much more than I have been.

3. Find a sitter

4. If you ask the husband, get pregnant again.

5. Sort out my real feelings about work and make a decision one way or another. (secretly, I hope it means firing #3)

Spencer’s Plans:

1. Rolling

2. Crawling

3. Finally eating people food instead of just lunging at it.


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I Am Thankful For So Many Things

1. My darling baby boy

2. My awesomely supportive husband

3. That my sister is able to visit so often from the other coast

4. That there will be no more repeats of the alcohol fueled drama and tears of the thanksgiving’s of my youth.

5. That I am still breastfeeding

6. That my husband and I still have jobs

7. For my friends and work-family

8. That I am old enough to say no to green bean casserole.

There are so many things to be thankful for, but 8 seems like a good number. I am wishing a happy and safe thanksgiving for all.

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Holy Roller

The little babe has now rolled over both ways.  He has been rolling over tummy to back for a while now, but mostly that was his head tipping him over during tummy time.  In the last few weeks, he finally started to enjoy being on his stomach and will look around and occasionally even smile which is a huge difference from the beginning.  Tummy time on the floor was a time for screaming and tears – on people he tolerated being on his stomach, but the position seemed less than ideal. Then he started laughing when on his stomach and rolling over with a bit more intent.  It wasn’t always speedy, but he got over.  This morning when I went to get him out of his crib he was on his belly looking around.  I didn’t see it, but he must have turned over after he woke up.  I am sure we will spend most of today on the bed trying to get him to do it again.

It seems like he has changed so much just in the last 2 weeks.  I had same baby, same baby, same baby, and then pow! all of a sudden I have a giggling, supper vocal flipping machine.  It is awesome and I am so glad I am still home from work to see it all.

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My husband went out-of-town for a week for work and I am staying home with the baby.  I am sure it will be an adventure.  I do the bulk of the childcare, but it will be interesting to try and fit in meals, showers and the housework without his back up.  I took my last leisurely shower yesterday in anticipation of his departure.  He works long hours so I am used to being home alone with the baby quite a bit,  I think the main difference is that there is no anticipation of his company or the extra support for the fussier moments.  And then I think of all the people who are own their own much more than I am– my cousin with the Air Force husband who just got back from Afghanistan, single parents– and I realized I should just shut it.

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I never realized how much effort it took to bring babies places.  I always thought those mom’s with overflowing tote bags were over-packers.  Even in these first few months, I tended to bring the minimum necessary to get the baby somewhere.  And today I am going to a wedding. Not just a wedding, a full catholic wedding mass plus reception.  I checked; the church does not have a crying room. This should be interesting.  I found myself packing a diaper bag, plus a supplemental bag of clothes that vaguely match each other for back-up and bringing the backpack carrier, the ergo and the sling.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I thought about the fact I would need something to wear, too.  None of my nice, pre-pregnancy clothes fit correctly and I had a devil of a time finding something that I could nurse in.  I found a dress that I think will work.  At least I know for next time that  I would be better off with a top and skirt.  I am off to bathe the baby so he will be nice and clean when he spits up on his new clothes.

Edited after the wedding to add: We did not need a single change of clothes and only used the ergo.  He was an angel and only cried once during the whole 7 hour extravaganza.

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I feel that I am finally developing a parenting style now that Spencer is over three months old.  I am not devoted to a single parenting theory and have taken parts of attachment parenting and the RIE method and mixed it with some advice from random people and the internet.  It is working so far and I have really gained an incredible amount of confidence over the last six weeks.  The only thing I new for sure going in to this whole parenting thing was that I was not planning on using the cry-it-out method unless nothing else worked.

I am getting much closer to establishing enough of a routine to feel comfortable bringing in some childcare a few days a week in order to go back to work part-time.  The new plan is to return to the office by 12/13.    I was concerned about having the authority to explain to someone how to care for my child.  It may sound stupid, but I didn’t want my explanations to sound too willy-nilly.  The major thing left to do is establish some sort of napping routine.  Currently, I either let Spencer fall asleep naturally when nursing or force a nap when he seems overtired.  He still naps in 15-45 minute blocks and the pattern is pretty random.  I would like to move closer to a long nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon.  I think I will try Elizabeth Pantley’s No-Cry Nap Solution.   Some of the other mom’s in my breastfeeding group have had good luck with her sleeping through the night book so the napping one seems worth a try.

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Good Baby

I paid a visit to work to watch a presentation by my former team.  The visit was great- it was good to see everyone, the baby was admired and I gave my support to the team.  However, I did notice something annoying.  Just about every other person asked me one of two things: is he a good baby or does he sleep through the night.  I am not really sure how to answer either of these questions.

Is he a good baby? Of course he is a good baby.  Well, he is my only baby so I don’t really know any different, but what are they expecting me to say? No, actually he is evil and I regret everything that led to this point.  This may just be a work platitude like when you ask how someone is and she always just answers fine.  I have had cashiers and relatives ask me this question too, but not as often as the next.

Does he sleep through the night? There are several answers to this: sometimes, he sleeps enough and he sleeps in some good blocks.  What I never really answer is that as a breastfeed baby it is unusual for him to sleep through the night.  I’ve noticed that the nurses at work actually ask me if I am getting enough sleep.  This is much better; there is no stigma or expectation attached.  People have this expectation that “sleeping through the night” is an imperative.  It isn’t.  I am more than happy to get up and nurse my baby all night.

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