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Little Boy Blue

I had very lofty ideals about gender roles and the color coding of babies when I was pregnant; there would be no purposeful blue or trucks or footballs.  And then I had the shower. Regardless of what I registered for (some of which was blue, much of which was green), nearly everything I received was blue.  The things that weren’t blue had pictures of sports and vehicles on them.  The lack of snails or puppy dog tails shocked me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for everything I was given and never would have made it through the last few months without the love, support and generosity of my friends and family. Luckily, my little guy looks good in blue.  It isn’t the gender color issue that bothers me as much as the prints.  I was not too sad that the first things he outgrew had a baseball print on them.

Now that it is fall, I am buying him clothes that are brown and lots of primary colors which I think are much cuter.  I have noticed that when I take him out in something yellow or orange people think he is a girl.  I don’t mind and don’t always correct people and that can make it awkward if later they ask “her” name and I reply Spencer.   I just checked and it looks like Spencer Grammer from Greek is a female, so maybe the name is becoming more gender neutral.  I guess the bigger question is that if I have a little girl will I need to deck her out in pink or just reuse all of the boy clothes.

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