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Cloth Diaper Update

We’ve been cloth diapering for a little over two months now and I think it is going great so far.  I wish I had waited before filling out my stash as much as I did. It is a little Smartipants heavy. I really like the diapers, but the colors are a little boring and too pastel. My husband, who has a little Ned Flanders in him, like plain, white diapers. Silly. So I have about 5 white diapers, which is a waste of possible cuteness, but does come in handy when none of the diapers even vaguely coordinate with his outfit.

As far as overnight, we had been using disposable, simply because they lasted all night with no leaking. Until three days ago, then we started leaking. And the night before last, the diaper actually exploded, leading to jammies full of the little surely toxic plastic gel beads and a bath before 7 AM. So last night, Doodlebug spent his first night in a cloth diaper. No Leaks! I used a double stuffed BumGenius pocket. He woke up at 4AM, I checked and he had dry jammies, so I just nursed him back to sleep. He was still dry at 6 AM. I only have one of those diapers, so I will have to come up with a different plan for tonight.


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Plans for 2010

My Plans:

1. Keep on breastfeeding

2. Cloth diaper all of the time. Except maybe at night. But much more than I have been.

3. Find a sitter

4. If you ask the husband, get pregnant again.

5. Sort out my real feelings about work and make a decision one way or another. (secretly, I hope it means firing #3)

Spencer’s Plans:

1. Rolling

2. Crawling

3. Finally eating people food instead of just lunging at it.

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Year’s End

2009 was quite a year. It is hard to believe that at this time last year, I had only told my sister and my husband that I was pregnant.  Now I have a currently sick, but generally awesome 5 month old. My life was forever and irrevocably changed in 2009 and I wouldn’t change anything about Spencer for the world.  A few things I would change – I would have gotten off to a better start breastfeeding, I think I now know where somethings went wrong. I would also start cloth diapering sooner.  I don’t know what I was scared of. I think I am doing ok so far and 2010 is going to be even better.

Happy 2010! New Year, New Decade!

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First Week of Work

For the first time, almost ever, Spencer had really good weight gain – 5 ounces – two weeks in a row. Of course, I went back to work this week, which I am hoping is not the end of the good gaining.  We have worked so hard at this, I hope my working doesn’t mess anything up.  I only went back to work for three hours on the first day and it almost killed me.  I need to keep reminding myself how lucky I am to be able to work mostly from home and that I have a really flexible schedule and very understanding boss.  We are still cloth diapering off and on, waiting to build up our stash and use up all the size 1 disposables that are lying around the house.  I love cloth diapering, we are changing him less and he seems pretty happy in them. I ordered more soap, too. I am using Rockin’ Green soap right now and I must say I am impressed.  I ordered a few samples to try out some scents and then I might convert all of my laundry over to it.

This seems a little scattered, for that I apologize.  Next year, I think I am going to try to get 3 posts up per week and try to make them more topical.

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First Day with Cloth Diapers

Our first day diapering in cloth went pretty well. One diaper blew out the leg, but I think that can be easily attributed to user error.   The Smartipants are great, trimmer than I expected and super absorbent.  Much to my delight, Spencer tolerates a wet cloth diaper much better than a disposable one.  I changed them based on time not tears.  I only have enough diapers right now cover one partial day.  I’ll get the rest (I hope) at the workshop on Wednesday.

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Starting Our Cloth Diaper Adventure

I just washed our first few cloth diapers.  I am excited to begin this project.  I am starting with an assortment: Smartipants, bumGenius, Econobum, Thirsties, Kissaluvs and FuzziBunz.  I purchased one of each type except for the Smartipants, I have 4 of those.  I thought I would try a few out before committing to a whole system.  I realize there will be a little waste in the beginning from washing smaller loads, but I can live with that compared to investing in a system that didn’t work for us.

These are my biggest concerns at the start:

1. The moisture won’t wick away enough and I will be changing Spencer every time he wets; then we would need a huge stash of diapers.

2. I won’t be able to deal with the poopy diapers – they will gross me out, I won’t be able to get them clean, etc.

3. Our really hard water will cause laundry issues. I’ve researched this and there are solutions, it may just cause a little more work.

4. I won’t be able to stop buying them because they are so cute.

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Thinking of Switching

I am pondering the switch to cloth diapers, but I am not quite sure how to go about it.  I have done a hefty amount of online research and have really enjoyed reading all of the cloth diapering posts on various blogs.  There is a baby-carrier/diaper swap next week, but I am not sure if I want to start out with used diapers, but I have a sling to trade, so there is no harm in checking things out.

I was worried about cloth diapering in the beginning because I hadn’t care for a baby before and didn’t want to add extra laundry or work in the beginning.  My mother-in-law offered to get me diaper service as a gift, but I declined due to visions of diaper pins and bags of dirty laundry.  It turns out that there isn’t a diaper service in the entire county, so it wouldn’t have mattered.  After a few months, the sheer volume of diapers we were going through was bothering me.  It wasn’t the money as much as it was the garbage, but the expense was certainly a part of it.  My husband took a smidge of convincing, but I showed him the new kinds of cloth diapers and he started to come around.  I don’t think he will be washing them, though.

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