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It’s been really hard for me to write. There is this cloud of stay-at-home vs. work-outside-of-home vs work-at-home hanging over every post I start. Here is where things stand now: I am working 10-15 hours per week on-site and 25-30 hours per week from home. My husband watches the baby when I go in to work. This is not working. I am stressed beyond belief on the days I am working from home. When I am playing with Doodlebug, I have to keep one eye on email. Gone are relaxing nursing sessions, now I spend them formatting spreadsheets. Some of this could be resolved by having a sitter in the house when I am working, but I haven’t been able find anyone we like for the days I need to work out of the home, let alone having extra support when I am home. And my husband’s schedule is changing April 1st and he may start having weekends off, which is good for him, but not so good for covering my workdays.

So that is why I stopped posting. I would start writing a post about how awesome cloth diapering is going or the rainbow presents in his diapers now that we have started solid food and then my brain starts going no sitter, spreadsheet, save money, hand that rocks the cradle, missing milestones, just stay home, need a sitter, what if I can’t get a job later, have another baby, sleep, coffee, childcare, coffee sleep. So I post a picture. Captions I can handle.


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The great sitter hunt begins

We are getting ready to launch Sitter Hunt 2010 and we have no idea how to do it. I’ve asked around but no one will give up the details on a good person. I’ve taken out an ad on SitterCity and gotten a few responses. No one I was wowed by, but some decent leads. I have some interviews scheduled for this weekend. I know to check references, but I am not sure what questions to ask in the interview. Or is it more about seeing how the candidate interacts with the baby. I feel so unsure and deep down inside don’t really feel like anyone is good enough to take care of my baby. I’ll need to get over that quickly, though. I have a meeting I can’t miss on the 21st, my husband is working that day and I have no sitter.  Crap.

Edited: The meeting on the 21st has been cancelled. So happy and no longer feel desperate and rushed.

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