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More Lactation Issues

I am quitting the reglan. I forgot a dose this morning and was in the best mood I had been in for 2 weeks. Then I took the lunchtime dose and was in tears by 2. I had scoffed at depression being one of the possible side effects. Sure, I thought, it might make me a little weepy or anxious, I can handle that. It took me a while to realize what was going on. I thought it was just normal stress of a newborn and then I ended up in tears because the car seat did not fit in the carts at Trader Joes. For now, I am blaming the drug because increases depression, anxiousness and crying can be side effects. If it persists after I stop, I will have to evaluate more closely.

Also, I finally found a group of sorts in town. I will be attending my first breastfeeding support group tomorrow, if I don’t chicken out. I am not much of a joiner and new people make me a little nervous. We’ll see.

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