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Eating Solid Foods

Our foray in to solid foods has been going pretty well. So far, Doodlebug’s eaten oatmeal, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas and golden beets. Except for one jar of organic carrots, just to what it was like (not impressed), I have made everything from scratch. Oh – not the applesause, that was just unsweetened from the jar. He’s eaten applesauce both plain and with some cinnamon sprinkled on top.  I am really enjoying making my own baby food. I received the Beaba Babycook as a shower gift and it couldn’t be easier to use. It steams, chops and reheats, but I haven’t used the reheat function yet.


I am doing the pureed thing, but having looked in to baby-led-weaning am being concious of his cues to stop. So far he hasn’t really given any. Doodle has liked all of the different foods and is practically spoon-feeding himself. Either I load it up and he grabs it and shoves it in or I hold the spoon and he moves his head forward to get the spoon in his mouth. Today, he realized for the first time that he could suck food of his fingers. Very exciting! Foods on deck: avocados (as soon as the ones from the tree ripen), green beans, peas.



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It’s been really hard for me to write. There is this cloud of stay-at-home vs. work-outside-of-home vs work-at-home hanging over every post I start. Here is where things stand now: I am working 10-15 hours per week on-site and 25-30 hours per week from home. My husband watches the baby when I go in to work. This is not working. I am stressed beyond belief on the days I am working from home. When I am playing with Doodlebug, I have to keep one eye on email. Gone are relaxing nursing sessions, now I spend them formatting spreadsheets. Some of this could be resolved by having a sitter in the house when I am working, but I haven’t been able find anyone we like for the days I need to work out of the home, let alone having extra support when I am home. And my husband’s schedule is changing April 1st and he may start having weekends off, which is good for him, but not so good for covering my workdays.

So that is why I stopped posting. I would start writing a post about how awesome cloth diapering is going or the rainbow presents in his diapers now that we have started solid food and then my brain starts going no sitter, spreadsheet, save money, hand that rocks the cradle, missing milestones, just stay home, need a sitter, what if I can’t get a job later, have another baby, sleep, coffee, childcare, coffee sleep. So I post a picture. Captions I can handle.

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Signs of Spring

First Daffodils

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About time to childproof

and get everything off of the low shelves…

Trying to get in to trouble

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6 Months!

14 pounds 10 oz, 26.5 inchesAt 6 months, he is 14 pounds 10 ounces and 26.5 inches.

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