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Resemblance of Things Past

I don’t know what it is about this picture:

There is something about this picture that reminds me so much of my dad. I look a lot like my dad and people say Spencer looks like me (I don’t see it) so it stands to reason that they might look similar, but this picture.  Somehow this picture evokes my dad.  Maybe it is the pose or the look on his face, I have no idea.  Spencer and my dad will always have a special bond because Spencer was born on the fifth anniversary of my dad’s death and this picture certainly shows some of that connection.  When I first saw the picture after I took it, I felt like my dad was saying hello.  Hi Dad! We all miss and love you.


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IMG_2261This is the swaddle I won from bTrendie.  The blanket is huge and will be great for playtime.


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I feel that I am finally developing a parenting style now that Spencer is over three months old.  I am not devoted to a single parenting theory and have taken parts of attachment parenting and the RIE method and mixed it with some advice from random people and the internet.  It is working so far and I have really gained an incredible amount of confidence over the last six weeks.  The only thing I new for sure going in to this whole parenting thing was that I was not planning on using the cry-it-out method unless nothing else worked.

I am getting much closer to establishing enough of a routine to feel comfortable bringing in some childcare a few days a week in order to go back to work part-time.  The new plan is to return to the office by 12/13.    I was concerned about having the authority to explain to someone how to care for my child.  It may sound stupid, but I didn’t want my explanations to sound too willy-nilly.  The major thing left to do is establish some sort of napping routine.  Currently, I either let Spencer fall asleep naturally when nursing or force a nap when he seems overtired.  He still naps in 15-45 minute blocks and the pattern is pretty random.  I would like to move closer to a long nap in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon.  I think I will try Elizabeth Pantley’s No-Cry Nap Solution.   Some of the other mom’s in my breastfeeding group have had good luck with her sleeping through the night book so the napping one seems worth a try.

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