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Heads Up

SittingUpStep 1: Prop up the head.

Step 2: Hold up the head.

Step 3: Rule the world.

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I have spent so much time discussing my breastfeeding struggle that I haven’t really talked about what an awesome little guy I am lucky enough to be raising.  I love the look in his eyes right before he yanks a washcloth out of my hand.  I love the way he greets me most mornings by kicking both feet in the air and flinging them to the left.  As far as milestones go, he seems to be on track, ahead on some and a on-time on most.  He is learning to like his bath a little better– sometimes he doesn’t cry at all.  That is a vast improvement from the screamfests that baths were just a month ago.  I think I will start doing a monthly milestone post on his monthly “birthday.”  He is growing up so fast and I want to start keeping a better record of it.

Why yes, I am about to stick this in my mouth.

Why yes, I am about to stick this in my mouth.

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