About Baby Baby Lemon

I am a new mom in Southern California.  My son was born 7-27-09.  Right now I am deciding whether to return to work or become a stay-at-home mom.


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  • 1. Ana Priscila  |  October 19, 2009 at 10:29 am

    I really like your blog! I’m adding you to my google reader so I can follow you. You are amazing for working through breastfeeding. It is SUCH a worthy goal. Thank you for sharing your experiences. You are not alone in any of this! My daughter didn’t have the weight gain issues your little son had, but I have felt that maybe I didn’t have good enough milk supply to satisfy my daughter. She is 5 monts old and it seems that every 3-4 days she’s at my breast non-stop. I read Dr. Sears’ The Breastfeeding Book and I was reassured that I was never empty milk-wise. I read that about 3 months ago, and it really helped relieve a lot of the worry. I no longer think about it, in fact.

    You can find a lot of good advise about breastfeeding here:
    … as well as from other breastfeeding moms. Don’t give up! And really, I admire you for being so committed to it even through your challenges.


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